Planet English is the leading computer assisted English language teaching resource for teachers and English teaching centres around the globe. For more information on the educational benefits of Planet English click here.

Planet English
provides significant benefits to English language teaching businesses. It is highly popular and enables higher student fees to be charged and it is cost effective as it allows a flexible use of key native English speaking teachers.
Planet English:
  provides clear differentiation - only modern reputable centres will use Planet English
  allows for large numbers of students in a computer room at one time
  provides centres with strategic positioning through top-quality technology

To view a list of leading international language teaching centres currently using Planet English as part of their teaching programs click on a territory below.

  Australia and New Zealand
  Hong Kong
  Middle East

Planet English will soon be available at other centres.

If you are interested in teaching with Planet English, offering it to students at your institution or in knowing more about Planet English please complete the form below. A Planet English representative will contact you.

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