Distribution of Planet English to English language teaching centres provides educational entrepreneurs with an enormous opportunity. English is the most popular language to learn in the world, so the English Language Teaching (ELT) industry is growing all the time.

One important challenge for educational institutions is to locate quality ELT resources to run on their computers. Planet English is meeting this challenge by providing exciting and comprehensive native English content.

After successfully establishing Planet English as the premium Computer Assisted Language Learning product in the Australian ELT sector, Planet Learning Pty Ltd is now seeking expressions of interest for the distribution of Planet English in international markets. To view a list of territories in which Planet English is currently distributed click here.

Click here to download more information on the opportunities for Planet English Distributors.

If you are interested in knowing more about the business opportunities available in distributing Planet English, or you wish to know more about Planet English, complete the form below.

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Planet English provides wonderful business opportunities for educational institutions and educational entrepreneurs. If you
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