Tech requirements

Planet English is a comprehensive program of teaching resources designed to be used in teaching centres.

The unique Assessment function, Courseware Management System and Security functions provide maximum benefit to students, teachers and teaching centres through installation on a Local Area Network. This requires access to a file server and workstations that meet the minimum technical requirements.

The Minimum Technical Requirements and Recommended Technical Specifications of the server and workstations are detailed below. Planet English will perform well on networks operating the Minimum Technical Requirements but will operate much faster and more efficiently on networks operating the Recommended Technical Specifications.

  Minimum Server Specifications
  Minimum Workstation Specifications
  Recommended Workstation Specifications

Minimum Server Specifications
  Pentium III 500MHz Processor
  Microsoft Server Operating System
  100 Mbit Network link
  UPS Protection
  Firewall Protection
  Anti-Virus Protection
  Regular Backups of server configuration and Planet English data
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Minimum Workstation Specifications

Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher


Pentium II 300MHz


32Mb RAM (64Mb with 2000 and XP)


80Mb of available hard drive space.


Video card, sound card, CD-ROM drive


Headphones with microphone


Network card

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Recommended Workstation Specifications

Pentium III 500MHz or better


128 Mb or better


24 speed CD-ROM drive or better


10/100 Mbit network card

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Please note:
a full Technical Audit is carried out on each Local Area Network by your Planet English distributor to ensure the best possible performance of Planet English on your network.

More information on Technical Requirements can be found in the FAQ section.

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