Planet English is a comprehensive resource designed to be integrated into the particular program of study of each English language teaching centre. It is structured to provide a graded program of study, taking into account a variety of approaches to language learning and learning styles.

Each Planet English CD-ROM includes 5 Units. The material within each Unit is based on a contextual theme and organized into Skills Modules such as Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Grammar and the Pacific Park consolidation activities.
Each Skills Module is then divided into a number of Lessons. Each Lesson has a number of different Activities. The screenshot at right illustrates the Planet English menu for CD 1, Unit 1. It shows the Speaking Module, "Applying for a Visa" lesson and a list of activities.  
The Planet English content is delivered on 8 CD-ROMs covering approximately 1000 hours of study materials. There are also 8 corresponding Student Workbooks which support the activities on the CDs.
In addition, there are Assessment and Pronunciation CDs. The Assessment CD provides one test for each of the skills modules in each unit of the 8 content CDs. The Pronunciation CD supports the learning of native-speaker pronunciation patterns, with both British English and American English pronunciation options. Full syllabus documentation, including, the curriculum; grammar, function and vocabulary matrices; scripts of all of the audio and video components; and grammar notes is provided to teachers at every Planet English center.  

More information on the course structure can be found in the FAQ section.

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