What teachers say about Planet English
"The Planet English material has proved to be a hit with both students and staff. Students enjoy practising their listening and speaking skills at their own pace in self-access mode and also using PE under the guidance of a teacher during one of their timetabled lessons, where PE has been integrated into all General English courses. Teachers appreciate the relative simplicity of use and flexibility of the package and that students are able to get the skills practice they need at the appropriate language level."
Stephen Heap, on secondment as Director of Studies at The University of Danang-University of Queensland, English Language Institute.
"A Planet English class is a joy to behold. The students are engrossed. Heads down, tails up. They're motivated, self-paced and independent...It's an engaging learning environment suited to this technologically advanced time."
Jo Steele, teacher at Australian Centre for Languages (ACL), Sydney, Australia
"The Planet English CD ROM has proved extremely popular with my Elementary and Intermediate students. They appreciated the wealth of comprehensible video and listening input they got through using Planet English... No other commercially available English Language learning CD ROM material has as much useful, professionally structured video material, to my knowledge. My students were impressed with both the learning medium and the content of Planet English..."
Danny Carroll, teacher involved in trialing at a language centre in Sydney.
"Planet English is vast. Through video and audio input, it provides a huge range of practice in context which students could not get in any other medium today."
Other teachers at ACL
What students say about Planet English
"When I practise conversations with other students in class, I am too embarrassed to ask them to repeat a sentence that I don't understand. However with Planet English I can listen to the same sentence as often as I like. At first I make a lot of mistakes, but after a few practices I get everything right. After class I use Planet English to review correct sentences and pronunciation. Planet English has useful conversation that I can apply to situations at school and with my homestay family."
Kimiko Amezawa, Elementary level student at ACL
Other student comments during the trialing process at ACL:
  "Where can I buy Planet English?"
  "I love Planet English"
  "I love it. It's good for my speaking and listening."
  "Planet English lets me listen to things again and again."
  "I like Planet English because I can learn a lot of useful words and expressions."
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