Planet English is the world's leading interactive multimedia software package for English language teaching and learning.

Planet English is an innovative language learning resource used as part of the teaching programs of leading English language teaching centres throughout the world.

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For Students
Planet English uses the latest in multimedia and information technology to support students who wish to learn English for International Communication.

Planet English is an exciting, high-tech, interactive way of learning English. It contains more than 40 hours of video and audio recordings, over 2,500 original graphics, 3,000 interactive screens and 80 different activity types including real time student voice recordings.

Planet English includes videos and audios set in realistic social, study, travel and business scenarios providing students with opportunities to immediately compare their language and pronunciation with that of English speakers from around the world. Planet English offers a rich range of spoken communication and gives learners the opportunity to "virtually interact" with English speakers.


For Teachers
Planet English was designed to present authentic spoken language through realistic scenarios by a team of highly qualified and experienced English language teachers from The University of New South Wales. It uses a blend of proven methodologies and exploits the benefits of the latest Computer Assisted Learning technologies. Language is taught in context and is carefully graded and recycled through a variety of highly interactive activities.
Planet English is more than just a computer program. It includes a package of resources to complement any English language teaching program. Teachers can easily integrate Planet English with classroom activities using the detailed Teacher's Manual and Student Workbooks.

Teachers can also manage the learning experience for students using the unique Planet English Courseware Management System (CMS). The CMS allows teachers to tailor courses to their syllabus and to students' needs by "mapping" content for classes or individuals. Activities and exercises that are relevant to the centre's syllabus are then delivered to students in the appropriate lesson, ensuring students "navigate" to the right area of the program each lesson.

The Planet English Assessment program also allows teachers and students to track improvements in language proficiency progressively and through formal, automated assessment instruments.

For Educational Managers

Planet English is the world's leading Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) program. It allows English language teaching centres to enhance the educational quality of teaching programs, improve learning outcomes and provide professional development for teaching staff. Implementing Planet English allows English language teaching centres to maximize the benefits of computing hardware because it provides teachers and learners with an easy-to-use and highly productive CALL resource.

Planet English creates greater satisfaction with computer use and builds the interest of new and prospective students while allowing teaching centres to flexibly and efficiently apply resources.


For Business Managers

Planet English branding differentiates your teaching centre in the market and generates revenue from students keen to use new media as part of English language learning in the 21st Century.

Planet English is a package of resources including interactive multimedia, Student Workbooks, teacher support materials, teacher training, technical training and support, regular program upgrades and marketing support.

Planet English enhances the educational reputation of teaching centres and increases profitability.

Planet English also incorporates sophisticated security mechanisms to safeguard intellectual property and protect the commercial interests of Planet English centres.


The Planet English Package
Planet English is an English language teaching program delivered through flexible, high quality multimedia via CD-ROM and a local area network (LAN). It teaches English for international communication and provides a motivating interactive learning experience.  
The core product is delivered as a package of:
  8 courseware CD-ROMs;
  1 Assessment CD-ROM;
  1 Pronunciation reference CD-ROM;
  support materials include eight Student Workbooks and a two volume Teacher's Manual and accompanying syllabus documents.

Business Opportunities

Planet English is now distributed in a number of territories throughout the world.

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