Planet English Executive offers corporate trainers and business executives a new and innovative way forward in the quest to master the language of international communication - English.

Planet English Executive features all the educational benefits of the acclaimed Planet English program, plus the flexibility of delivery demanded by the corporate sector. Language learning solutions utilising a combination of multimedia and face-to-face tuition can be tailored to individuals or groups.
Planet English caters for the English language needs of the executive.
The English Language Imperative
Increasing world trade, globalisation and the advent of the internet have made effective communication across international boundaries more crucial than ever before.

English is becoming acknowledged as the language of international business, and for those managers and staff of international corporations who are not native English speakers there is a growing requirement for specialised, quality language training.
Planet English Executive
The "Executive version" of Planet English offers significant educational and functional advantages over conventional English language teaching methods. In particular, Planet English Executive offers the flexibility and portability required by busy Executives, and the Executive Streaming component in the package allows for an individualised study program to be developed for employees or groups. For example, a program focusing on Technical Vocabulary that is relevant to your industry can be customised.
Flexible Delivery
The Planet English Executive package offers a unique, world-class teaching-learning structure that includes options for face-to-face instruction at licensed Planet English centres or in a corporate training environment. Planet English Executive also provides for networked access to Planet English allowing self access study for executives in the corporate training facilities or from their desktop terminal, and remote access via the Planet English "Executive Practice Pack". This is a set of 8 CD-ROMs, that executives can access from their laptops or PCs to continue study at home, on business travel, or while commuting.
Executive Outcomes
The Planet English Executive package features a unique Courseware Management System (CMS), which allows for the construction of an individualised study program for each executive. The Assessment function of the CMS generates reports on individual learners, which Human Resource Managers or corporate trainers can use to develop and monitor performance targets or competencies. This could be supported, if appropriate, by Planet Learning or corporate certification. Most importantly, with Planet English Executive, less time is needed to achieve outstanding results!
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