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Planet English was written by a dedicated team of experienced teachers, writers and editors:
Content manager:   Jana Valentova
Systems Designers and Program Architects: Thien Nguyen, Louis Brown
Curriculum designers:   Jana Valentova, Adam Shapiro, Jillian Panizza
Senior writers and editors:   Adam Shapiro, Jana Valentova
Content editors:   Jana Valentova, Carol Waites, Amanda Goodall, Craig Stephens
US English/copy editor:   Caroline Uyeda
External content/copy editor:   Maggie Aldhamland
Technical Support/
Networking Consultant:
  David Holman
Interface Design:   Jocelyn Tan
Writers, reviewers and testers:
Adam Shapiro
Amanda Goodall
Carol Waites
Catherine Maitland
Chris Wild
Craig Stevens
David Holman
Danny Carrol
Di Price
Edwina Tassi
Gillian Flaherty
Hendrik Kleinsmiede
James Cameron
Jana Valentova
Jillian Panizza
Jo Karmel
Joe O'Connor
Kris Browne
Leora Ross
Lesley Sender
Lynda Ben Menashe
Maggie Aldhamland
Martin Devitt
Mary Jane Hogan
Peter Mackey
Philip Latham (Beta testing)
Jim Woulfe (Beta testing)
Phillipa Granwell
Robert Lewis
Susie O'Connor
Special thanks to Margaret Leonard and all the staff of UNSW Institute of Languages for their contribution to the development of Planet English 1996-2000.
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