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Planet English is a world leading multimedia software resource for teaching and learning English as a second language (ESL). It offers an exciting, interactive, media rich environment for learners to quickly and efficiently learn the English language skills needed for effective international communication and integration into a business, educational or social context. A comprehensive program of fully supported courseware within a managed educational syllabus, it is streamed online to appropriately supported screenbased hardware for access by enrolled learners.

Oriental Institute of Technology commences use of Planet English in Taiwan


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The Oriental Institute of Technology was established in Taipei in 1968 responding to industry demand to provide a diverse learning environment. The establishment of the Electrical Engineering/Communications department, Engineering department, Management department and Medicine department allows students to cross over to a variety of fields in order to elevate student standards of professional knowledge and competitiveness in the job market. In 2010 the Oriental Institute of Technology adopted Planet English in order to improve the English level of the student body, especially in listening and speaking. Through Planet English's proven and interactive material students will have a more exciting and comprehensive English learning experience.

Shih Chien University commences use of Planet English in Taiwan


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Shih Chien University, formerly known as Shih Chien College of Home Economics, was founded in 1958. The name "Shih Chien", which in Chinese means "practice", originated from the belief of Wang Yangming, a great Chinese philosopher. "Knowledge is the beginning of practice. Doing is the completion of knowing" (1498). Shih Chien University kept this motto in mind while implementing and expanding its educational vision. Over the years the institution evolved from a junior college to a Bachelors degree granting institution and was renamed Shih Chien College of Design and Managment in 1991. In 1997 the institution was promoted to university status. The university has one campus in Taipei and another in Kaosiung and is home to approximately 15,000 students and 700 faculty and staff.

E-learning has become a trend in the global educational market, therefore the universities in Taiwan offer their students a diverse range of e-courses to learn English. We are delighted that Shih Chien University has chosen to implement Planet English as a flexible learning computer-based resource in its teaching programs.

Hsing Wu College commences use of Planet English in Taiwan


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Hsing Wu College was founded in 1965 in Taiwan. Its school motto is Loyalty, Honesty, Diligence and Peace, based on the principle of humanity and concern for students in the field of commerce. Instruction in applied science and technology and training of professional students is based on quality education in the practical arts.

The English House at Hsing Wu College is located on the 2nd floor of the Humanities Building. The English House is built to provide a full English and peripheral learning environment for students at Hsing Wu College. It includes four parts: the English Corner (EC), the Self-Access Study Center (SASC), the Little English Theatre (LET) and the English Consulting Room (ECR). Students are encouraged to spend time studying English in the English House to enhance their English proficiency as well as their competitive edge and career development.

The EC  is an open space learning environment. English radio programs are broadcasted daily on weekdays in the corridor, and TV programs will also be received and displayed on TV screen on the wall.  The SASC is equipped with more than 35 computers for students to use in learning English online. Some multimedia software has also been installed for reference and self-study.  The LET is the locale for "reading" and "luncheon movies and news." English movies, plays and news will be displayed according to festivals and scheduled activities.  The ECR is inside the LET. English teachers will take turns to stay in the ECR for individual English consulting. All these facilities aim to facilitate English learning and expose students to an English environment. Recently, Hsing Wu College signed a contract with GLF to use Planet English as their preferred speaking and listening course. The director of Department of Applied English, Josephine Fan Yen believes Planet English will benefit all students of Hsing Wu College.

Positive evaluation of Planet English in ADB Institute review

A comprehensive and comparative product review of Planet English and English Discoveries was recently published on the Asian Development Bank Institute's website. Please click hereto read this positive review.

ADB Institute
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